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Kwentong Utong: Tere, an Older Lady atbp (Part 6)

Chapter 6: Grace

Almost a month after the Baguio episode, my relationship with Tere morphed from total sexual abandon to that of cordiality and respect – that is, it reverted to a professional relationship. No longer did she text me with jokes or sexual innuendos. While we spoke less often, she did text me once in a while. About two weeks after the Baguio episode she sent me a message saying, “U r ok. I got my period today.” To this I breathed a sigh of relief, and we did not see each other that often, since her department moved to another floor. However, what was a welcome development for me was that Grace broke off from her boyfriend. It was then that I started to become closer to Grace. I think she knew what I was after. She also made no qualms about having sex with her boyfriends whenever she felt like it, and sometimes told stories to her married female friends, who were no strangers to her ways.

Grace was what you would term as a really liberated woman. If she liked a guy she would publicly say so. She was also the darling of top management, since she always surpassed her sales quotas. She and I were actually good friends before Tere and I got close. I did not hide my admiration for her, and she knew this. Besides, she was quite attractive physically and loved to wear clothes that showed off her best assets. She was also one of the few women who dared wear T-backs before it was in vogue. The males in the office would always say ooohh, every time she walked by. Grace’s posting in Hong Kong, before she joined our company, made her a woman of the world, and some of the men in the office were sometimes put off by her sharp tongue, but turned on by her sensuality. She knew she looked good and flaunted this. But for some strange reason she and I understood each other quite perfectly and we kept our distance when it came to emotional relationships.

But that was before Baguio. After the Baguio trip, things started to become different for us, as we began to text each other and call each other on the phone. All this was friendly banter of course, and with no sex involved. I was getting far too popular already and I didn’t want Tere to come down hard on me, what with what transpired between us. I had to play my cards right this time.

I invited Grace to have coffee with me, and she agreed to meet me after office hours. We agreed to meet at the closest Figaro outlet on Palanca street, and as I waited for her I could feel the tension building up inside me. When Grace arrived, I buzzed her on the cheek. We talked mostly about the office, but after an hour our light banter was getting serious. Since it was nearly seven o’clock I asked her if she wanted to eat. She said yes and we headed off to the nearest bar/restaurant, Blarney Stone, which was quite close to the coffee shop. We spent two hours at the bar, eating and drinking and talking about my relationship with Tere and how it all started. Both of us were already buzzed after nearly three hours, so we decided to leave. As we went up the stairs, Grace grabbed my arm and held me tight. You know Jun, she said, I thought you were a real asshole for all you did to Tere. Now I know the truth. We stopped when we got to the top of the stairs and I looked at her round face for a very long time. What? She said to me. I moved my lips to kiss her, but she was way ahead of me, and grabbed my face to plant a long wet kiss on it. We kissed passionately, our lips never leaving each other, and our tongues darted in and out of our mouths. My coke was starting to rise from all this kissing, and in the darkness of the night I embraced her. Mmmmm, Jun, ito pala ang gusto ni Tere sa iyo. Galing mo naman ah. Ikaw kasi, I told her, di ka kasi sumali sa amin noong nasa Baguio. Nakikinig ka lang. She responded, Ayoko nga, hirap naman magagalit si Tere sa akin, baka masisante pa ako. I asked Grace if she wanted me to take her back to the office. Huwag na lang. Medyo lasing ako, I can’t drive. Can you take me home? Iiwanan ko na lang sa opisina ang kotse. I said ok.

I held Grace’s hand firmly as we rode in the car. It seemed that Grace was so beautiful that night I could not help looking at her and undressing her with my eyes. She asked me, Paano na si Tere? Baka malaman niya na magkasama tayo. Patay tayong dalawa. But we don’t have relationship right, we’re just friends, I said. Yah, I guess you’re right. She looked at me and smiled. I placed my hand on her thigh to test her limits, and she did not respond. My hand moved a little higher, and I pulled her skirt up a bit to reveal a bit of her light brown skin. Ohhhhh she said as I rubbed my hand on her smooth thigh. When I tried to move up to her inner thigh, she stopped me and said, Huwag ngayon Jun, meron ako eh. I felt bad that I wasn’t going to see or touch her pussy, but I let my hand linger on her thigh. Di bale Jun, mamaya, ako bahala sa iyo, Grace answered and lovingly put her arm on my thigh, kneading and squeezing it. I could hardly contain myself and I felt that the alcohol in my system was disappearing fast. My heart was racing and my coke was aching from the sexual electricity her hand was generating on my thigh. Hmmm, ano ba ang gusto ni Tere sa iyo, ito ba? She moved her hand up to the left side of my pants, were my erection pointed. Hahaha, grabe ka pala, nag-iisip ka pa lang tinitigasan ka na. Now I can see why Tere liked you. Grace, I said, I can’t stand it, let’s make love now. Di nga pwede ngayon. Kulit mo. Ok next time promise ko, kung gusto mo pa overnight tayo. I felt elation at what she said but my coke felt disappointed. Throughout the trip she just kept holding my coke while it was inside my pants, and I settled for her breasts, feeling their roundness and their fullness. I could not squeeze them too hard because Grace said they were aching due to her period.

When we got to her house I moved closer to her. Good night Grace, I said as my lips moved closer to hers. Mamaya pa ako papasok. Dito muna tayo, she said as her hand swiftly made its way to my semi-hard dick. Pakita nga uli ng kinababaliwan ni Tere. I unzipped my pants and slowly opened the buttons of my boxers. Grace held my coke as it sprang out. Oh, at last nakita ko up close and personal, hihihi. Bitin ka ano? I said Uh huh, and Grace began to lower her mouth to my coke. She held it with a firm grip, as if to tell me she was in charge now, so I reclined my seat. Wala bang makakakita sa atin ditto? Wala. Kita mo nga umuulan na, wala nang tao. I turned off the engine and let Grace have her way.

I must admit, though that lying in that car, with my hard coke being sucked by Grace was so unbelievable. I knew Grace was good in bed and very vocal about her sexuality, but I never expected her to go down on me. Mmmmmm, you taste good, she said as her lips slowly engulfed my reddened dickhead. While her mouth went up and down on my coke she started jacking me off her so slowly. Her right hand moved to unbutton my shirt, and she left my coke for a moment to suck on my nipples. My feet pressed on the floor of the car as she sucked hard on my nipple. I could not stand it, Ahhhhhhhh, I moaned, shit, Grace, that’s so good. You’re so good. She wiped the little dribble on her mouth and went back down to my coke, which had already leaked some clear fluid. Mmmm, tasty she said as she went down. As I watched Grace bob up and down my hand moved to touch her breast. I softly caressed it. Ohhhmmmmm that’s nice Jun. Feels good. Not too hard kasi medyo masakit. The car was getting warmer and the windows were bginning to fog up as my hand unbuttoned her blouse and made its way toward her erect nipple. My hand found her breast so warm and so full to the touch. It felt great. Grace’s mouth, in the meantime was working tirelessly to bring me to climax. As I could feel my cum rising up in my balls and prostate I told her, ohhhhh Grace, there it is, I’m close very close. Grace speeded up her hand movement and her mouth sucking. Grace was not good at blowjobs - she was fucking excellent! Much better than any paid woman I ever had. I grabbed her head in both hands and moved her head up and down faster and faster. There it is there, ayan na Grace, Ooooh ohhh ohhhhh, yes, oh I moaned as I came in Grace’s mouth. Wave upon wave of contractions hit my prosatate and I pumped as much cum as I could into Grace’s lovely waiting mouth. I could feel her swallowing every drop and sucking on my coke until it could give no more and began to grow soft on her warm tongue. She released my aching coke and looked at me. Ok ka na? She asked me. Ok na ok. Sobra. Thanks Grace. Galing mo sobra. She smiled a wicked smile, and wiped the tiny streaks of cum that remained on the corner of her mouth. Alam mo I really love to give head to a guy. Ewan ko kung bakit. I had to agree with her. That was one of the best BJs I had ever experienced from an amateur. It was much too good.

Sa susunod ako dapat ang paligayahin mo. Parang yung ginawa mo kay Tere, ha?. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Bye bye. As she left the car I looked at her behind. Soon, I said, I would taste that beautiful body. Soon.

I guess in spite of what transpired between Grace and me, the opportunity to go to bed with her did not present itself immediately. I had to wait another month or so before I was able to date Grace, since our schedules were always out of sync. We did agree to go out eventually and I promised her I would fetch her after I visited Evelyn. As I left Evelyn’s house she asked where I was going. I said “Mag-bibilyar lang kami nila Fred.” Ok ingat. I immediately proceeded to Grace’s house. When I picked her up. I was surprised. She looked soooo sexy in her dress, a white, above-the-knee outfit. We had dinner in Manila, and I told her I wanted to see the bay at night. We decided to go to the Plaza. We talked for a long time, mostly office stuff and I told her she was gorgeous. Apparently, for all Grace’s confidence she did feel insecure about her legs. Why? I asked. Kasi masyado silang payat o, and she stood up to show me her legs. Di naman ah I said. Layo ka nga para makita ko. As she moved away from me, she blocked the light of a lamp. Thanks to the light, the outline of her legs, the silhouettes of her thighs, the gap between her two thighs, and her v shaped panties came into full view. Yes her legs were a bit thin but shapely nonetheless, and the hollow between her inner thighs beckoned to me. This night I would not let pass without being with her. I embraced her, as the wind blew her skirt slightly upward. Oh Grace I want you now, I said as I kissed her. Yes, let’s do it. Ngayon na Jun. Teka, I said. Let’s check in. We went to my car to get my small overnight bag. I told her to wait in the hotel lobby while I got a room. “No bags sir?”, the front desk receptionist said as I whisked out my credit card. None.

We were on the fourth floor, which commanded a beautiful view of Manila Bay. It was romantic and I did feel romantic. Grace probably felt the same way as she snuggled up to me to look at the view. Alam mo na ba Jun, na aalis si Tere? Ha? Di ko alam. Lilipat siya ng opisina? Hinde. She’s going to the US na, as an immigrant. I didn’t know that and I felt a bit of sadness when I heard it. Di ko pa alam yun. Grace added, Sinabi sa akin ni tere kahapon. Maybe she’ll talk to you one day. She’s leaving in two-weeks’ time. Ah ok.

I banished all thoughts of Tere that night, as Grace began to remove my shirt. She removed her dress, letting it fall to the floor in a heap, and reached back to remove her bra. When she released her breasts, I stared at them, fixated by their shape. They were upturned and pointed, and looked very erect and inviting. Her breasts were like food to me, a ravenous animal, as my mouth eagerly sought out her hardening nipples. Ohhhh Jun, that’s so good. Let me wash first. Ok, I said but I longingly held her hand as she went to the bathroom. When she stepped out she had removed all traces of clothing, leaving me to gawk at her radiant nakedness. Her light brown skin tone seemed to glow under the warm yellow light of the room. Some drops of water still remained on her thighs. Like what you see Jun? Yes I do, very much Grace.

We lay in bed kissing each other fondly. Grace assumed the 69 position, and began to stroke my coke. Eat me Jun, show me how you ate Tere. I needed no further prodding and my mouth and lips began to work on her pussy. Using my left hand’s two fingers I opened her Cunt lips so I could get a better angle. She was starting to ooze vaginal juices, and her pussy was getting moist. I used my right fingers to tease her asshole which was now in my full view. Ahhhhhh yes Jun, that’s the spot. Tickle me there. Tickle my asss, mmmm yes. With every push I made with my tongue and every touch my finger gave on her asshole she moaned as if she had never been touched that way. Mmm, go on, go on she begged me on as I tickled her two holes. Try pushing your finger in my ass Jun, try it. I started to push in but stopped because it was dry. Sige try it, I cleaned myself there Jun. I told her I would put some KY jelly which I always put in my bag. Hurry, I can’t wait.

She lay on her back looking at me while I smeared my hands, her Cunt and her asshole with Ky. Then I began the process of pleasuring her all over again. Be good to me Jun ha, and you’ll get a reward. I began kissing and licking her nipples, and my hands made quick work on her pussy. Grace’s Cunt juices were already flowing as my hands reached their destination. My middle finger found her pussy hole, my index finger was stimulating her clit, and my left index finger was pushing to enter her asshole. All three of her pleasure centers were emitting wave upon wave of unabated bliss as my fingers started to move faster and faster. Jun that is just sooo nice, play with me again, yes, there, oh my clit, o now my ass, oh my, sarap niyan, shiittt, keep rubbing, auuuhhh, that feels so fucking good. Don’t stop. I did not intend to stop as Grace was squirming in uncontrolled fashion, while holding the bed sheet. Her pussy was getting more and more wet as I continued to stroke it. Oh Jun, I’m coming na. Ayan na. Go go don’t stop, ayokong mabitin. shit ka, don’t you stop, ohhh. My three finger swere now like machines, moving in and out of Grace and swimming in Ky and Cunt juice. Ohhh yes Jun, ayan, oh ayan na.. . Grace’s body jerked as her mind-blowing orgasm took control of her body. She gripped my hand, and allowed her pussy to quiver, her insides squeezing my finger. Ummmm, yes…. I came na. Thanks. Stick your dick in me now, and later, I want you to try something different. I slid my coke in her. Her pussy was still not finished with her, as it continued to provide Grace with continuous waves of pleasure. If you’re good, I can let you fuck me in the ass. Have you done that huh, Jun? Oh shit, I said as my own erection was coming alive. I would like to try it, I said while I was pushing my coke in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Ohhh jun, I’m about to come again, don’t stop. Grace embraced my waist with her legs and tightened her grip, not allowing me to leave her pussy for even one second, as she continued to moan, there there, oh oh oh oh there again, oh Jun, go on, don’t stop, go go, uhmmmm yeah there it is again, ohhhhh. Grace stiffened her grip even more and her hands pushed my ass down even harder as she matched the rhythm of my strokes. Mmmm yes I’m coming again Jun, oh there there. She grabbed my ass more firmly, making me stop. Wait Jun, feel my pussy. It’s holding you. My coke felt her pussy contract and squeeze it continuously. It felt so good, like Grace was embracing me. fuck that was great, she said.

After a while she said. Di ka pa linalabasan? Di pa. Kumuha ka ng condom. I dutifully followed her. She knelt on all fours and took my coke into her mouth, moving her hand up and down to harden it even more. Condom, she barked to me as I opened the wrapper and gave her the condom. She put the top of the condom on my coke so skillfully; I could’ve sworn she was a pro. She pinched the head of the rubber and unrolled it over my dick. There she said, putting it in her mouth. Nice ‘no, she giggled. Yes, nice. Now I want you to pay attention she said. You’ve never screwed anyone in the ass? No. I can tell you it will be a great feeling for you. And what about you. Never mind me, I want you to feel what it’s like. She then turned her back to me and showed me her ass and her now swollen pussy. Kunin mo KY at lagyan mo ang mga daliri mo at pwet ko. I did as she was told. By now her asshole was full of the stuff. Ipasok mo isang daliri mo. Slowly lang ha. I pushed my finger in her as she wanted, and she said ok, I’m ready. Dalawa na ipasok mo. My two fingers did not enter her as easily but I saw her relax her muscles and my fingers went in quite easily. Ummm mmm, ok, na siya, masarap na, she said. Try inserting your coke little by little into my ass. Just a bit at a time. I did as I was told but could not get the head in. She said use your two fingers, put them in again and smear the inside of my ass with Ky. I did as she asked and opened her asshole abit more. Ayan, try it na. My coke head encountered a little difficulty but I was able to slide it in. Ohhh that feels good Jun, she said as the last inch or so disappeared into Graces’ asshole. Her anal muscles gripped my condom-clad coke. It was strange, weird even to feel her ass gripping my coke. It felt so tight, and my coke felt as if a hand engulfed it, applying a uniform force over it. Every inch of my coke felt like it was being squeezed.

Now you can fuck me Jun, subukan mo. I obliged Grace and felt a totally different sensation as I watched my coke go in and out of her. I saw Grace move her hand down to her clit as I pumped. She was stimulating herself as I was humping away. Ohh Grace your ass is so tight, I told her. She was oblivious to what I was doing and concentrating on her clit. She came again as my coke slid in and out of her. After a few more minutes of humping her ass I told her I was coming. Grace said wait, and pulled my coke out of her ass. She removed the condom and jacked me off while she faced me. C’mon baby, come for me, she said as she looked up at me. There Grace, I’m almost there, jack me off harder, harder. Grace sped up her pace and continued to jack me off. Oh there grace, there, I said as I ejaculated on Grace’s soft boobs. Oh oh fuck shit. That was nice Grace. Thanks. O ano, she said ngayon ka lang nabaliw sa babae ano. Was my ass good. Yes it was Grace, yes it was. Do you like fucking me in the ass? I liked it but I love your pussy even more. Did you like eating me? Yes I did Grace. We lay on the bed both visibly exhausted, and both visibly pleased. So who’s a better fuck, me or Tere? She asked. I guess it would be you. Did you eat Tere the way you ate me? No, I ate you for a longer time. You take a while to come you know, I said. But your pussy tastes so good so I don’t mind eating it for an hour. Ganoon ha, Grace remarked. Sige mamaya kakainin mo ako ng isang oras. We both laughed and rested for the next round.

To be continued

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kwentong Utong: Tere, an Older Lady atbp (Part 5)

Chapter 5: Baguio

Tere and I managed to see each other whenever our schedules permitted. She and I still kept our relationship a secret. Sometimes we would go to her house or a motel for some quick sex, but I felt each time we made love it was always improvement over the last time.

A week before Holy Week Tere called me to ask if I could join her and some other office mates in Baguio. Who’s coming along, I asked. Grace for sure, but Colleen and her husband not so sure. Saan tayo titira? I asked. Tayo sa uncle ko. I already made arrangements. Sama ka Jun? How could I not say no to Tere?

It was Holy Thursday, and Tere fetched me at my house before 5. We fetched Grace in Caloocan and I drove the car all the way to Baguio. We arrived around 10:30 a.m , .and what greeted us was one of the biggest traffic jams along Session road. I took us nearly an hour to get to our destination, Tito Ron’s house. The house was a two-floor Swiss chalet, near Teacher’s camp, with flowers growing in neat rows along the long driveway. Tere rang the doorbell and her uncle greeted us. From what I heard there were only three rooms. But only two were available as the third was being used as a storeroom. All three of us would have to sleep in the guestroom. Tere looked at me in a naughty way. Although I welcomed the idea of sleeping with Tere, it was Grace I was worried about, because Tere and I wouldn’t be able to do anything with her watching us. But I guess I was mistaken, and what a fortunate mistake that was.

We settled in, and brought our bags to the second floor. Tere’s uncle and aunt occupied the large room on the ground floor, leaving us the whole second floor. As we unpacked our bags, Grace asked, Sino sa kama, malaki ang kama, pwede dalawa. In my stupidity I said, “o sige, kayong dalawa ni Ma’m Tere doon at dito ako sa sleeping bag sa sahig.” Tere looked at me with sad eyes when I said that. Seeing her reaction, I immediately corrected myself, and said, Ok, kami ni Tere sa taas, ikaw na lang sa baba Grace.

Up to this day I still wonder why I had the guts to tell Grace that Tere and I would sleep in the same bed, since no one in the office knew Tere and I were an item. Grace just said Ok, sa baba ako, without any hesitation or query. I always assumed Tere probably told Grace about our sexual relationship.

We spent the rest of the day sightseeing and eating at different places, fast food outlets mainly. After dinner, we went home, and since it was quite cold in the room, I suggested we bring out the tequila, as I knew what the effect would be on these two women. I brought out the booze, and the lemon, and the salt. What followed was about an hour and a half of continuous drinking so that none of us were talking coherently. I always say that a woman reacts differently when drinking tequila. They are more bold, more daring. I put this to the test as I faced the two women.

O, lasing na kayong dalawa, tulog na. Di kami laseng, hoy ikaw lang, Tere said in a slurred voice. I suggested we play a game. Ano truth or dare? Corny mo Jun hah, Grace said. I told them, Hindi, laro tayo ng win or bare. Ano yun? Laro tayo ng blackjack, tapos, the owner of the lowest card will have to remove one piece of clothing. Hoy, mga babae bawal ang singsing, hikaw, belt, Dapat clothing ha. Ano call kayo. Tere and Grace looked at each other and laughed. Ok lang kami kasi ikaw lang ang lalaki dito. Baka mapahiya ka Jun. Ako pa? I never lose.

As per the rules, all of us wore only one item of clothing: one jacket, one shirt, one panty/bra, one pair of socks, etc… The game began in earnest, with all of us taking one shot of tequila. By the seventh round, only Grace still had her clothing intact. Tere and I had both removed our jackets and shirts. I was in a t-shirt and so was Tere. By the next deal, Tere lost and had to remove her shirt, leaving only her bra. As she did I could see that she was feeling cold, as her nipples were at full attention. I wondered if Grace’s nipples were at attention too. Grace lost and had to remove one sock. She still had a lot of clothing on, while Tere and I were close to being naked. After about twelve rounds, Tere was clad only in her underwaer, Grace still had a bra and pants on while I was stripped to my briefs. It was so fucking cold, my dick was shriveling. Not a good sight for the ladies, so I excused myself and went to the cr on the pretext of taking a leak. Inside I coaxed my coke to stand up a little, as I warmed it. When it was engorged with a little more blood, I entered the room, just in time to see Tere take another swig at the tequila. O Jun ikaw na. I dealt the cards and I got a black jack, while Tere drew an 18. Grace got a twelve, and drew a king, so she had to remove her shirt, leaving only her bra. This was heating up, as I was now looking at two great-looking women, one in her 30s, and the other in her 20s, in their bras. It was then that my coke started showing signs of life.

Deal mo na Grace, I said. Grace lost again. Off went her pants. This was getting wayyyy too cool, I said to myself. I poured out another round of tequila. Pretty soon I had to open another bottle as the first had already been drained. Oh shit, I was saying, what’s next. Tere dealt the cards. She lost. And she also lost her bra. Apparently Tere wasn’t afraid to remove her bra in front of me and Grace. When she exposed her breasts, I could see that her nipples were indeed standing up due to the cold. She draped a blanket over her back, to keep from getting cold, but allowed us to see her front since she did not bother to cover herself up all the way. When I dealt the cards, Grace lost, so she had to lose her top. She removed her bra slowly, as if she did not want to. She didn’t mind Tere because Tere was a woman. It was me she was worried about. Ok lang naman sa iyo na makita mo ako Jun, di ba? Para naman tayong magkapatid di ba. As she said this she paused but finally unhooked her bra. What greeted me were two pert little breasts that were pointing upwards. Not big, not small, the breasts were quite nice. Grace covered her back with a blanket also. We all took another shot and I could see the both of them were very drunk at that stage. Sige na, deal mo na, Tere said. I dealt the cards, but this time Tere lost. She knew she had to take off her pants. What the hell she said as she slid down her denim pants. I could see her pubic hair peering out of the elastic lining of her panties.

That was it. There was only one item of clothing left on me and Tere. With the next deal, I breathed a sigh of relief as Grace lost. Yes. The last deal would mean one of us would be completely naked and that would mean the end of the game. I told them, since this is the last deal, let’s do it open cards. Tere and Grace agreed, and each of us took another swig at the tequila. We were not drinking from the glass anymore, and were taking swigs from the bottle directly. I dealt the card slowly, I got an ace, Tere got a ten and Grace got a two. The second cards we got made us wind up with a twenty for me, an eighteen for a Tere and a twelve for Grace. Grace had to get another card and I was already dreaming her beautiful pussy if she lost. But as luck would have it she drew a nine, making her hand the highest. She laughed in glee, and said Tere had to take off her panty. Tere tried to make up some excuse but Grace told her rules were rules, so Tere begrudgingly took off her panties. Grace suddenly remarked, Ok lang yan Tere, nakita na naman ni Jun yan di ba? Hahaha I was a bit surprised at what she said, since I always thought no one knew about my relationship with Tere. Tere pulled down her panties and showed herself to us before covering herself with a blanket. Tulog na tayo, she said. Ok we all said, as we prepared for bed.

When I lay on the bed in my pajamas, I was thinking of what had just transpired. No sooner had I placed my head on the pillow, I felt Tere climb in. I assumed Grace was already asleep. Grace was in the sleeping bag, next to our bed, about three feet away, so if she wanted to look at us, she could see me and Tere quite clearly in the moonlit night.

Tere sidled up to me and kissed me on the cheek. She whispered. I was turned on a while back while I was naked in front of you. Uh huh I said, I was also turned on. Pakita nga, Tere, said as her hand slowly groped across my legs, trying to find my coke. Uyyy habzd ka na ha, she said. Her hands moved inside the elastic of my pajamas and Tere headed directly for my shaft. She whispered to me, Tonight I want you to come inside me. I want to feel your warm cum inside my pussy. I turned to look at Grace to see if she was still asleep. When I saw her face, with her eyes closed I assumed she was, so I removed the blanket and began to undress Tere. I could smell the tequila on her breath and I could feel the warmth of her body as my lips pressed on her erect nipples. Tere smelled so good that night, and her body was warmer than usual. Every inch of her body felt like I was caressing a warm water jug. Ohhhh Jun, you feel sooo good, so nice. Ohhh I an feel your coke getting harder, I can feel it. Tere moved to straddle my leg as we sat up, her pussy now firmly planted on my thigh. She beagn to lick my lips, making noises as I also licked hers. We were totally naked in the moonlight and were in full view of Grace, if Grace was ever awake. At that time both of us didn’t care who saw or watched us, we were two bodies writhing in total abandon and pleasure. I looked at Grace from the corner of my eye. While I assumed she was asleep, her eyes seemed to be opened just a little bit. Was she watching us? I hoped so. The 1st time Grace spied on us was at Tere’s house. Or was I hallucinating then. No matter, if we do make noise she will wake up. Maybe a threesome would happen, I was thinking.

My thoughts of a threesome with Grace occupied my mind so much that Tere saw me glancing at the silent form of Grace on the floor. She held my face with one hand and turned my head to face her. C’mon baby, ano pa kailangan mo, andito ako sa harap mo, Tere said in a smooth, cooing voice. I’ll make it worth your while babe, she said as she moved herself up so that her weight was now on my chest, and her fragrant pussy was now only inches from my waiting mouth. Baka magising si Grace, I said, half-hoping Grace would wake up and join us. Di gigising yan, Tere said. “She had far too much to drink tonight. Then she whispered, Besides, I don’t ever want to share you, remember that! Somehow I could feel Grace was awake and looking at us. As I glanced at Grace’s form on the floor I turned my head to start my onslaught on Tere’s waiting pussy.

She hiked her pussy up to me, and planted it squarely on my mouth. I was lucky Tere was small, or else I would have suffucated under her weight. But for a small girl she sure had one of the wettest cunts I have ever had. This was all too obvious to me, in spite of my being drunk. Tere opened her ruby Cunt lips for me, and said, Sige na luv, please eat me, I missed you. I could never say no to her pussy. I was thinking if Grace doesn’t want to join us I would put on a good show for her so her pussy would ache in anticipation at what she was missing. Tere’s fingers quickly spread her labia to reveal a very warm and very wet Cunt. I began by poking it with my tongue, and turning circles around the area near her clit, but not directly touching it. Ohhhhh, she moaned, as I started to lick more vigorously, trying to lick every drop her pussy was producing. Damn, I said, this woman’s Cunt is really hot and warm. My constant licking made her relax more and more, so she was nearly lying down on me: her back was now on my tummy and her was hand holding my semi-rigid coke. Ohhhhh. That feels so relaxing babe, don’t stop that, go on, keep moving your tongue inside me. Tere was already in bliss, and at that moment both of us were savoring each other’s warmth that I did not see Grace stir to face the other way. Damn, now she wouldn’t be able to see us. Or maybe she couldn’t stand seeing us anymore as she too became so horny. Tere placed her entire weight on my tummy now, and released my coke, as she was nearing her orgasm.

Go on, go on she begged me, lick me harder, mmmmm harder babe, more pore, yes yes, I wanna come in your face babe, she half-whispered as she buried her Cunt so deeply into my head that I could hardly breathe. I held my breath and immersed my entire face in her pussy, savoring the sweet juices that had been flowing continuously. Yeah, there it is there it is, now now now, yesss, yess babe, there it goessssss. Tere rubbed her Cunt into my face more forcefully I couldn’t breathem but she bucked up and down on my chest like a woman possessed. There babes, there there ooohhhh there’s another one, and mmmm another, one. Let me fuck you Jun as she moved. I moved aside as she held my coke and guided it into her pussy. Once it entered she began riding me up and down, and up and down, saying ooohhh that’s so fucking nice Jun, Ang sarappppp. Oh I’m coming Jun, she whispered, ooooooohhhh. Come inside me now Jun. I raised her hips slightly and began pumping her so furiously the bed springs were m,aking tiny noises. I paused a bit, and Tere said, Huwag kang hihinto, di na bale ang ingay, mabibitin tayo, and she grabbed my shoulders as she dug her pussy into me, trying to rub the head of my coke against the walls of her hot pussy. I immediately placed my hands on her bouncing boobs, holding them and using them like some sort of leverage. This was one hell of a night for me, and it seemed there was no end to it. Ayan na Tere, ayan na, I said as I sprayed my cum inside her, Oh I said as my coke spewed another load. Then another. Then another. As I emptied the last drops of my jism inside Tere, Tere collapsed and lay on top of me. I covered her with a blanket as we slept, my coke still embedded in her sore pussy.

The next morning I woke up with her hair in my face and my arms around her. I heard a noise. It was Grace who had just come from the shower. I pretended I was asleep. She moved to the dresser which was a few feet from the bed and took off her towel to wear a bra and panty. All at once my coke started to grow. It being early morning, my erection clearly began to manifest itself in the blanket covering me and Tere. I peeked at Grace as she removed her towel. If she looked hard enough she could have seen my reflection in the mirror and would have noticed my eyes as they were half-open. Her breasts were full and putting and her nipples were stiff, due to coldness of the morning. Tere stirred, and Grace quickly covered herself. Damn, I said bitin na naman. I mad believe I was sleeping as Tere kissed me on the lips. “Good morning luv, Tere greeted me in a loud voice, making sure Grace heard her. Uy gising na ang dalawang lovebirds. I squinted my eyes and rubbed them. Gising ka na Grace? Oo. Pinuyat nyo ako ha. Ang ingay niyo. Ay narinig mo? Tere asked. Oo ano, sobrang ingay nyo pero nakatulog na rin ako. I asked Grace, Di ka ba nainggit. Hindi noh, and Tere laughed. Atin-atin lang ito Grace ha? Oo Tere. Hindi aabot sa opisina ito. Huwag kang mag-aalala. Grace and Tere had become closer, and I knew Grace would keep her word.

When Gace left us in the room, Tere and I talked. Thanks luv, kagabi ha. Walang anuman. You liked last night Tere. Of course. Are you safe Tere? I came inside you kasi. A, eh siguro. Bakit? Baka nabuntis kita kasi eh. Ah sus, ok lang di ba? Mahal mo ako di ba? I felt as if a humungous lump had formed in my throat. What if I did make her pregnant?

It seemed that Holy Week had indeed begun.

That Good Friday seemed to be my penance for the numerous women I had slept with. The prospect of becoming a father weighed too heavily on my mind that I could not concentrate. I was not my animated self and Grace and Tere noticed this. During one of our outings, Tere whispered to me. Don’t worry Jun, if I’m pregnant all I want is acknowledgment from you, not financial support. That seemed to lift my sagging spirit. So I told her, if you bear my child, I would be honored. Tere placed her head on my chest and sniffled, Thank you Jun. Everything will be fine, she reassured me, although I knew Tere needed more reassurance.

The next two days were probably the most anxiety-filled ones in my life. When we left Baguio that Easter Sunday, I felt that I died, and my days of wine and women were brought to an abrupt, screeching stop. It was Grace who eventually talked to me, as we prepared to return home. While Tere was in the bathroom and I was in the living room waiting, she joined me. “O, Jun para talagang Biyernes Santo pa rin mukha mo.” Why are you so sad? Wala naman, I responded. Nag-iisip lang. Sorry ha, pero wala naman tayong sikreto na di alam. I know about you and Tere so what’s wrong? Just thinking of the consequences of what Tere and I did. Huwag mong isipin yun. No one will find out. Hindi, it’s not that. Di na bale, I said. Bahala ka, Grace remarked. Pero sa totoo lang, ang ingay nyo ha. Oh so you were listening to us. Uh huh. Were you watching us? Ay nakakahiya sa iyo Grace. Sus, yun lang. Di na ako birhen, no. Pero sana mas tahimik kayo.

I realized that Grace would have been willing to indulge my fantasy, and my mind began to have crazy thoughts about Grace. So did you see us Grace, really? No comment ako dyan, Grace said, laughing, as she left me. That made me really relish the prospect of having Grace. But of course there was Tere to worry about, and my girlfriend Evelyn, who I had not seen for the past week. I texted her, “Hi luv, howr u? Gng hme na. C u soon.” I did feel lonely at that time, and I tried to erase my fears of Tere’s probable pregnancy by thinking of Evelyn. My thoughts drifted to the last time I had made love to Evelyn while I was in her house. Part-erotic story and part-comedy skit, I was remembering the details while waiting for Tere and Grace.

It was just two weeks ago when I went to Evelyn’s house to visit her because she was a bit under the weather. It was a Saturday, and her parents and siblings were out, leaving me, Evelyn, and their maid in the house. Evelyn lived close to our house, probably two kilometers away, and I often walked to her house to save gas. As I arrived, the maid said she was upstairs resting. The maid went up to talk to Evelyn, and when she returned she said Evelyn wanted me to go up to her room. I saw Evelyn in pajamas, on her bed resting, and I kissed her. We talked for a while, but after twenty minutes, we began to embrace and kiss.

Evelyn felt really warm, and said, I don’t feel so good. Make me well naman. I hugged her, feeling her warmth and said, You know what you need? A love injection. Ano yun, she said. Alam mo na, yung injection, hehehe. Ay gago, bastos ka talaga. Alam ko yun ano. I told her, Malay mo, you’ll get well fast. With that, and her soft entreaties for me to be gentle, I started to fondle her under her pajamas. Evelyn was built somewhat like Heart Evangelista, thin, with hardly a body to die for, a typical Filipina. But she did have such a comely face, and a kindness unmatched by my other former girlfriends that I could not resist her. Evelyn’s closed eyes greeted my lips. She was warm all over, and as I began kissing her eyes, she looked up to me and said. Ikaw na bahala sa akin. Sorry I can’t move too much, but I want to make love to you Jun. I said Ok, I’ll do all the work. And I did exactly that: all the work. I took off my clothes first, while Evelyn watched me, and then I moved to her bed while I was clad in my boxer shorts. I slowly began to unbutton her pajama tops. Her body was warm, but not too hot, and when I moved to kiss her breasts, she said, Oh, ang lamig ng lips mo, as she moved away. Dahan-dahan lang kasi malamig ang katawan mo. I touched her right breast slowly, and then moved my lips to her left breast. The experience of being with a naked woman with a fever, was something new to me, and I wondered what it would be like. When I was younger, I had a fever, and my girlfriend hugged me because I was shivering. For some strange reason I became well after that. I wondered if Evelyn would get well also if I made love to her.

She moved her hand down to my boxers, ever so slowly and unbuttoned the front buttons. Wow, her warm hand on my coke felt soooo good. She started to move around the head of my swollen coke, squeezing it softly, and played with the slit on top. My mouth moved around her pert breasts, and I made circles. Evelyn smelled like rubbing alcohol, no doubt due to the sponge bath she had taken previously. She looked so weak and so helpless, but oh so sexy as she moaned for me to go on. I found the warmth of her body a total turn-on as she writhed in both pain and pleasure from the touch of my hands and the strokes of my tongue. As I moved down toward her pussy, I felt it. Her pussy lips were much warmer than the rest of her body. That felt so good to me, as I moved downward. When I touched her Cunt, I felt that she was not lubricated enough. She opened her mouth to tell me, Ohhh jun, huwag mo na akong kainin, di ako naka-hugas dyan. Ok I said, but I went down anyway to smell her pussy. Oddly enough I could smell nothing wrong with her, so I just said, O sige, I’ll just tickle your clit. You like that di ba? She said yes, do it please.

I allowed my wet finger to touch her clit, and amidst her moans I could sense she was getting wet. Not like when we made love, but just a little less. Ohhh Jun, your hand feels nice. When I pushed harder, she reacted with a jerk and pulled my coke in the process. Ow, I said. Sorry Jun I couldn’t control myself. Teka, I said to her as I began to eat her. Jun, baka di mabango yan. Di naman. Ok naman ah, I said as I began to lick Evelyn’s warm Cunt lips. One of the things I liked about Evelyn was her hygiene. She was soooo clean. From her head to toes, she always kept herself clean. So when I went down to lick her I knew that she could not keep herself from washing. Ummmm, your tongue feels so goood. Its cool on me, she moaned as I licked her labia from top to bottom. I continued to lick and suck Evelyn for about ten minutes. I inserted my finger into her to check if she was wet. Like a thermometer my finger disappeared into her waiting Cunt. When I pulled my finger out it was thoroughly wet – wet enough for me to insert my hard coke inside.

I mounted her ever so slowly by letting her lie on her side so I could spoon her while I gently fucked her from behind. Ohhh Jun, your coke feels so nice inside, so big, so thick, I can feel you. I embraced her, planting one of my hands on her boobs as I steadily increased my rhythm. Yes, Jun faster faster there I can feel it. Yes, concentrate now, don’t stop, Ayan na Jun, There, there, I’m coming, I’m coming . I’m…..ooooooohhhh commmiinnnnggg. Jun, I love you, yes, yes, oooooh that’s so nice.

Evelyn’s body began to spasm from the pleasure she was feeling. My coke slid in and out, and as I was about to come, I withdrew my coke and let Evelyn lie on her back. Oh there Lyn, there, I said as my cum welled up. Ahhhhh I said as I released my load on her tummy, close to her pussy. I noticed some of it dripped down to her pussy, along its sides, then down to her asshole, then to the bed sheet, where it mingled with her own pussy juices.

It was then that I heard her mother calling out to Evelyn from the bottom of the stairs. Oh shit, there I was, naked in my girlfriend’s room and I could hear her mother coming up the stairs! Fuuuck, I said. I had previously locked the door, so when her mom tried to open the door and it wouldn’t budge she cried out, “Lyn, ano ba yan, bakit naka-lock ito?” Mama, na-lock ko siguro kanina pag alis ni Jun. Teka ho. Evelyn dressed and hobbled to the door, just as I had finished collecting my stuff and hiding in the cabinet. Her mother entered, “O sabi ni Inday andito raw si Jun” Oo Ma, pero umalis siya para bumili ng lugaw para sa akin. Baka bumalik mamaya pa. I breathed a sigh of relief while I was hiding in the closet. Suddenly her mom said, andyan ba yung jacket ko na hiniram mo nung isang araw?

I could hear her mother walking toward the cabinet. As I prepared myself by covering my front, and expecting the worst, I said this only happens in movies. Shit, bakit pa nangyari sa akin ito. Evelyn blurted out, Nasa kuwarto nyo ho, iniwan ko dun. Her mother then moved away and turned to the bed. O basa ang kama mo. Oo mama, tumapon ang tubig kanina. Pakisabi na lang ho kay Inday na kailangan palitan. Had her mother looked any closer she would have found stains of my cum and her, Evelyn’s juices on the bed. When Evelyn returned to lie down, she felt the wetness on her ass. O sige, magpahinga ka na iha, her mother said as she left. I crept out of the cabinet, clutching my shorts, pants, and shirt. Oh muntik na tayo, she said. Ikaw kasi, ang hilig mo masyado. We both laughed as I hurriedly dressed. I gave Evelyn a long, loving kiss, and climbed down Evelyn’s window and jumped over their gate. Whew! Close call I said to myself. I never realized that such a thing could happen, and it happened to me.

O Jun, gising na, alis na tayo, Grace said, waking me up. O nakangiti ka na, Grace said. Wala lang, may naalala lang ako. I drove all the way to Manila, while Grace and Tere slept soundly. We arrived around 7 pm, and Tere took me home after we took Grace home. “Jun, she said, as I unloaded my bag. Don’t change, ok? I still want you as my friend. Sure Tere, I said, as I kissed her on the cheek. I watched her drive away, keeping my eyes on her car as it made a right turn, then disappeared.

To be continued:

Kwentong Utong: Tere, an Older Lady atbp (Part 4)

Chapter 4: Tere’s house

The motel episode was just one of many other trysts Tere and I had. About two months after we first made love, Tere invited me to her house in QC, since it was her birthday. A lot of my co-employees were there, including the trio of Grace, Colleen and Josie. There were also some lawyers from Tere’s former law firm, and even her old boyfriend was there. I arrived around 9 pm and the party was already in full swing. Tere saw me immediately and ran to me. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered Kanina pa kita hinihintay. Ang tagal mo. I said I had to attend to something first. I sat down at the table of Colleen and Grace. They weren’t drunk, but both of them looked radiant that night. Colleen was in a black mini which made her skin look glowing, and Grace was in tight pants and a tight blouse. They all looked so tasty that night, that I felt my libido rise again. But I had to watch myself. If people found out about my relationship with Tere, it would put her in a bad light. I didn’t need another lady from the office to complicate my current situation with Tere.

As the party wore on, a lot of the people started drinking heavily, myself included. Grace was particularly drunk, but did not make an ass of herself unlike our previous party at Colleen’s house. At about 11 pm, most of the guests had gone home, leaving about eight of us. We were all in the living room drinking, until a lawyer-friend of Tere brought out a joint. Uh oh I said, here we go again. Tere sat next to me, and when the joint was passed to her she took a few puffs and asked me to take a few myself, which I did. Another joint was lit, and about 4 joints circulated around our group. We were all quite stoned and were drifting into the sleepy state. I closed my eyes as I could not fight the effects of the marijuana. I fell asleep.

I woke up to Tere’s voice talking to me. Jun, Ok ka ba? May tama ka pa? She asked. Oo, I said in a slurred voice. Grabe. Umalis na sila? Kayo na lang ni Grace ang nandito. Asan si Grace. Ayun, nasa guest room sa taas, sabog na sabog. You want coffee Jun? No thanks. I better be going home. Kaya mo? Dito ka na lang muna magpahinga sa sofa. Mamaya ka na umuwi pag ok ka na. Sure ka Tere? Nakakahiya eh. Bahay mo ito. Sus, ako pa. Siya sige, iwanan muna kita dyan. Ok good night, I said. I stood up to kiss her, but as I did, my emotions took over and I instead kissed her longingly on her lips, savoring the smell of wine and marijuana on her breath. She closed her eyes and, like me, allowed the marijuana to caress her brain.

I pulled her toward the sofa, letting her lie on top of me as I kissed her lips. The lights were still on in the living room, and it made Tere even more attractive. Not only were her eyes dream-like because of the grass, her movements were softer now and her voice was more loving. She held my face as she planted small kisses. I kissed Tere on her cheeks. I playfully blew into her ear, and she giggled like some schoolgirl. The effect of the joint had not subsided and we were feeling a different sensation altogether. As we stroked each other we felt everything was in slow motion. Had Tere not noticed it and called attention to me about it, I would never have realized that my coke was at full attention, straining to get out of my pants. Looks like you’re all ready she said. She proceeded to unzip me, and after removing my pants, she brought her mouth against my erection which was covered by my underwear. She lingered there, rubbing her soft cheeks against my engorged manhood, massaging it with her lips. It felt so gooood in slow motion. When Tere finally decided to let my coke out, she held it briefly, and ever so softly, and started to lick the head. Ohhhhh I moaned, totally abandoning my coke to her mouth and tongue. I was feeling a different sexual sensation while under the influence of grass. It was more intense, but a lot slower. I was loving every minute of it. Tere did not seem to get tired at all as she expertly licked my coke from head to balls, rubbing the head occasionally with her hands, and moistening the head of my coke with her warm mouth. I stood up to trade places with her, allowing her to lie on the sofa.

I put one of my knees on the sofa and brought my tool closer to her mouth. She held it lovingly, then looked at me saying, “This is mine, all mine.” Hope your girlfriend won’t mind if I borrowed this for a night or two. I said Evelyn (my girlfriend), should never find out. Uh huh, Tere added, She won’t find out. Di ba sex lang ito Jun? No commitments? Yes Tere, no commitments.

I looked at Tere as she started to remove her clothes; first her blouse, her bra, then her skirt, then her silk panties. She let them fall to the carpeted floor. As she lay naked in front of me, waiting for me to give her another night of pleasure I paused to think for a moment, what got me into another situation like this. Maybe it was because I still could not figure out what comes over me when presented with a beautiful naked woman. It is as if I could never stop making her feel great in bed. With Tere I felt that same madness well up in me. It was as if I existed to please women. I guess a woman’s pussy has that effect on me. Like some prohibited drug I seek out the pleasures afforded only by a woman’s soft pussy. The lips on it, its shape, the clit, the taste, are the rewards I get. And when she moans in ecstasy, begging me to go on and on, that is music to my ears.

Tere pulled me toward her. Huwag kang masyadong maingay Jun, baka magising ang katulong ko at si Grace. E di ok, manood sila. Gago ka talaga. Sobrang hilig mo, she said playfully. The scent of Tere’s perfume was all over her body. Because it was a warm night, Tere and I were beginning to feel our sweat building up. One thing I liked about Tere’s body is that her sweat felt so cool on my mouth and so clean. As she squirmed under me, I started to bite her ears, blowing in them while she moaned softly. Jun, sarap niyan lalo na kung may tama. And it was true, as I played with her ear, she fondled my hair and pulled at it gently, massaging my head in the process. The marijuana made me feel as if every inch of skin on my body was aroused. I licked Tere’s body like a gigantic piece of candy. From the crook of her neck to the crack of her ass, I licked every single inch of that cute body of hers. I saned her pussy for last. Shwe was already struggling against my tickles as a person tries to fight off feelings of ticklishness. In small circular strokes I covered her body. After making sure she was already wet, I moved southward, this tiome making small strokes with my tongue against her now-exposed pussy lips. Ohh Tere, your Cunt is so soft, I could eat this all day. Mmmm she answered as if to say don’t talk just eat. I played with her labia, squeezing it between my lips and playfully tugging on it. Tere grabbed a throw pillow as she rode the throes of bliss, hugging the pillow like an imaginary lover. My two hands were also busy fondling her boobs. Her nipples which had been erect for the past minute or so were like small fruits which I twirled around my fingers, increasing Tere’s pleasure.

Ohhh Jun, she said as I finally concentrated on her clit. Make me come now, and fuck me anyway you want. Her clit was all to familiar for me and after making love to Tere I knew the rhythm she craved. I pursed my lips, planted them on Tere’s clit and made them vibrate. This sent Tere into another frenzy. Ohhh shit, that feels sooo good. What are you doing to me? That’s so nice, don’t stop honey, please don’t stop. I continued to vibrate my two lips as I felt her body tense up in anticipation of her orgasm. Malapit na ako Jun. Sandali na lang. Yes, keep flicking your ongue on my clit, yes, yes, yes, malapit na namn, yes. Ayan na don’t stop pleaaaasse…

She came continuously, and was still coming when she said fuck me now, I’m ready. uck me till I die Jun. Fuck me as hard as you can. I needed no further prodding as I grabbed my coke and slowly worked it into her very wet and very tender pussy.

When I planted my coke inside her succulent pussy, I kissed Tere on her mouth hard, because I knew she was going to shout in ecstasy again. Ohhhh Junnnn, mmmmmmph, she said as my lips were firmly clamped to her mouth.mmmmmmpppphhhhhh,. My coke was throbbing in eagerness as I watched Tere’s face etched in immense pleasure. I knew she was about to come when her hands dropped to my ass, pushing them harder and harder. She came and started moving her head in delirious pleasure, and I could feel the rapid contractions of her pussy against my coke. Through the corner of my eye I seemed to see a shape hiding behind the wall. It was Grace, who was peeping from the curtain along a door near the living room. That made me even more horny as I lifted one of Tere’s legs to give Grace an uninhibited view of my coke entering Tere’s Cunt.

Ahhhmmmmm cummming Jun, she said in a muffled tone. Mmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmm. I was coming too. The load I had was already heavy in my balls and prostate. I had to release it too. I’m coming Tere, there there malapit na, ayan ayan na, arrghhh I whispered to Tere as I came in her pussy. As my dick was pumping out semen, she said, Teka, tanggalin mo, bilis, Why? Sa bibig ko bilis. I withdrew my coke as it was spurting out its last drops. Tere gamely took it in her mouth, and sucked it so hard, I thought my eyes would pop out in pleasure. Ohhhhhh shit, ano yan, oohh shit ang sarap Tere. Tang ina, fuck, that’s so goooood. Tere kept sucking on my coke as the last few drops tried to make their way out of my coke’s throbbig head. Tere waited until my dick was limp and removed her mouth. She removed her lips and said, That was yummy and fantastic. The marijuana was great. Sa susunod, gawin natin ulit.

I kissed her on the forehead. Thanks Tere. Pa-thank you thank you ka pa diyan Jun. Thank you Jun. Pinaligaya mo na naman ako. Parang panaginip lang ito. Parang di nangyayari. As we lay on the carpet, she looked at me with those chinita eyes, and began to kiss me again, but she stopped and looked at me for a long time. Then she started to cry. Oh Jun, I never thought we would turn out this way. Oh my God, what have we done? Why? I asked. Sorry Jun, it’s just that I’ve really fallen for you. I know that it was stupid for us to do what we did, but it was even more stupid because I fell in love with you. I lied when I told you it was just sex. The first time you kissed me I liked you already then. But shit, Parang batang kapatid lang kita Jun. Sabi ko na nga ba mangyayari ito. I should have known better.

I stroked her hair as she spoke, and assured her that everything would be fine. I was thinking, yes she did fall in love with me. That was inevitable because once a woman goes to bed with a man more than twice, she was already in love with him. Our relationship had moved from pure sex to serious emotion. But the problem was I did not feel the same way she did. I was already seeing someone, and I thought Tere would not get too involved.

As I rose to get dressed I noticed I could not see Grace’s form outside the living room. She had probably gone back to bed.

To be continued

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kwentong Utong: Tere, an Older Lady atbp (Part 3)

Chapter 3: A very hot date

The events of the previous Friday night were heavy on my mind as I struggled to work that Monday. Tere’s face preoccupied my mind so much I had a hard time concentrating. And the thought of her pussy - the smell of it, the taste of it, the wetness of it were all I was thinking of. Tere passed by my cubicle that morning on her way to the CR. She smiled and said “hi” to me. She was dressed in a tight-fitting skirt which clearly outlined her pantyline and gave justice to her figure. She was wearing high-heeled shoes which accentuated the curves on her legs. We always wondered why we never heard about her having a boyfriend. Some women thought she was a lesbian because of her demeanor. Well I knew otherwise and was determined to keep our relationship a secret.

Around 3 pm, I got a text message from Tere. She wrote “Thanks for last Friday. D u know dat m still sor and hrny up 2 now, tnkng abt wat we did? Ur d best”. I was pleased with that message, and I texted her back. “I was plsd 2. kelan uli?” She then texted bak, “pls cum 2 my office.” I lost no time going to her office. Her secretary said she was expecting me. “Hi Ma’m Tere.” Hi Jun, she said to me as I closed the door behind me and leaned on it. Upo ka Jun.

Tess was smiling as she motioned for me to sit directly in front of her desk. Kumusta trabaho mo? Ok lang ma’m. I could sense she was just making small talk, and was probably feeling the heat between us build up as we talked to each other. She then said in a soft voice, Jun, I’m sorry I got carried away. Me too Tere, I said. I wasn’t expecting myself to take advantage of you, a more senior person. I was afraid you might take it against me and fire me. Ha? Ganoon ba? Don’t worry, our secret is safe. I managed to talk after clearing my throat, I didn’t think it would go that far Tere, but then you just seemed so tempting I could not keep my hands off you. She let out an extended ohhh, and said I’m glad you think that way about me. I really liked what you did. It’s been so long for me I seemed to forget what it was like. Just remember, no emotions between us ok? Just sex. No love.

Was I hearing this correctly? I thought she was drunk when she said this to me last Friday, but now in her sobriety she said it again. Tere saw my surprise and she smiled. I heard her remove her shoe and felt her feet move to mine. She rubbed the front part of my ankle with the ball of her foot and continued to rub it, while she watched my reaction. I guess my dick reacted for me, as it moved up slowly, straining itself against my boxers. I moved my head lower to look up her skirt, and she looked back at me. Anong gusto mong makita diyan? I gamely looked under the table and found her stocking covered foot caressing mine, but as my eyes moved up toward her skirt I could make out her white underwear and the smooth white skin of her thighs. Great view down here, I said as she laughed. I stood up slowly to leave, arranging my hard-on to the side. O ano yan Jun. Ang bilis mo naman. I sidled up to her to kiss her. She stood up, knowing what I wanted and kissed me passionately on the lips. Her breath was sweet this time, and her lips felt like her soft pussy lips. When we stopped kissing she picked up her handkerchief to wipe her lipstick off my lips. O baka makita kang ganyan, pagtawanan ka. I kissed her again on the cheek before I left. Jun, pwede ka ba sa Friday? Treat ko. Saan tayo Tere? Ikaw bahala Jun. Basta ililibre kita. After work ha? Ok.

I could barely contain my anticipation that Friday. Tere texted me a few times to confirm our date and where we would meet. I told her we could eat dinner first then go to a bar somewhere.

We agreed to meet at Glorietta, at Seattle’s Best. When I saw her I rushed up to put her arm in mine. Did you miss me that much Jun? Yes I did. We strode arm in arm and had dinner. We decided to go to Havana for a drink, as she suggested, but the place was full we had to stand up in the bar. Tere downed around three San Mig lites, as I did, but clearly she was already more buzzed than I was. She said, stand behind me Jun and hold me. The place was full so, it was quite tight and as I embraced her from behind I felt a hard-on coming on. Tere felt it too, and said, oooooooo, what’s that? It feels nice. I held her close to me and let her rub her ass cheeks on my coke. Some foreigners looked at us, but were probably used to this kind of thing anyway. I held Tere close to me, turning her face to mine to kiss her. We locked our lips together for what seemed like an eternity. The band was loud and the people were all having such a great time that I don’t think they noticed me grab her ass and squeeze it as we made believe we were dancing. She whispered, You’re making me so hot again, Jun. Want to fuck? I did not answer her and instead paid the bill. We then headed out to her car and the nearest motel.

All throughout the trip, Tere kept fondling me, touching my hair, rubbing my legs, and teasing my already enraged coke. Oh, it’s mad at me, she said, moving towards my zipper. In the dark, and while the car was moving she was able to unzip me and fondle my erection. Hmmm, it want out Jun, help me naman. With one hand on the steering wheel I helped her loosen my belt buckle and open my pants. My boxers gave my coke a little more headroom so Tere didn’t have a hard time exposing my dick. Mmmmm she said, as she squeezed my shaft. This is gonna be good, she said. She kissed me on the cheek and proceeded to tug at my coke, coaxing it to become even harder than it was. She lowered her mouth to my coke’s throbbing head and put it in her mouth. It was fantastic the way she licked the head and made little circles with her tongue. When she pulled her mouth away, she tried to jack me off, then she put her mouth on my coke, pulled out and jacked me off. After what seemed like an eternity, she stopped and said. Malapit na tayo sa motel? I said yes. O sige, ituloy ko mamaya para ganahan ka.

We finally arrived at a motel in Pasay, which was close to my old house. When the room boy left, Tess began to remove her clothes. I watched her, as I too got undressed. I never saw her entire body naked. This was the first time and I was enjoying myself immensely looking at her body. Her arms and legs were well-rounded, as was her ass. Her waist was average and her lower belly had a little amount of fat on it. This made her pussy looked cute. Her bush was nicely trimmed in the shape of a triangle, with the hairs nearly flat against her pussy. This was not bad for a 30 plus year old. In fact she looked fine. I hugged her and brought my erection close to her. She moved her hands down to my ass and pulled my dick closer to her pussy. She then raised her right leg and draped it over my hips, rubbing the upper part of her pussy against my raging rod.

Teka lang Jun, ligo ako muna. I wanted to take a bath with her but she said. Ako muna, tapos ikaw. Nahihiya pa ako. I let her enter the bathroom. I felt a sudden urge to pee, so I knocked and entered the bathroom. Tess was on the seat, taking a leak. She looked at me, smiled and said, Ihi ka? Oo. Teka lang, she said as I watched her, and saw her take a leak. She was oblivious to this and told me, as she wiped herself, sandali lang and headed for the shower. My heart was beating fast at that moment as I waited for her. As she stepped out of the shower, I guided her hand towards my coke. She giggled instead and told me it was my turn to shower.

After taking a shower, I opened the bathroom door and saw Tere in bed watching TV with a blanket covering her body. Uy tapos ka na, she said as she rose, letting the blanket fall to the bed and exposing her breasts in the process. Her twin mounds were pointing slightly upward, and her nipples were now erect because of the coldness of the room. This was going to be another one of those long nights that would leave us both exhausted the next day.

She pushed me on the bed and jumped to trap me between her legs. Her eyes met mine and the warmth of her pussy’s lips grazed my chest. It was fantastic the way she moved. Like a woman possessed she proceeded to kiss me, rubbing her head on my face, my chest and tummy. Using her hair, she teased my fast-rising coke, rubbing it again and again, and being turned on by my moans begging her to suck me. Mmmm huwag muna Jun, she said, holding my stiff coke and turning around so I could see her back. She pulled on my coke over and over, kissing and licking it, all the while showing me her ass and raising her hips just enough to get a glimpse of her pussy, which was now glistening in her juices. Kiss me there Jun, make love to my pussy, make me wild for you. I did as I was told, pulling her pussy toward me. I began with soft strokes around her ass cheeks, alternating kisses and squeezes. Her ass cheeks were smooth, like a baby’s bottom, and I loved stroking them again and again marveling at how tight they were. I gently touched her asshole with my finger, waiting for her to tell me to stop. In reaction, she sucked on my coke harder, and began to raise the tempo of her licking and sucking. I responded by licking her asshole, rimming it with feathery touches of my tongue. This was already driving her crazy, as she pulled my coke out of her mouth to concentrate on the sensations she was experiencing, courtesy of my tongue. By now her Cunt was beginning to produce an abundant supply of love juice. I licked her pussy clean of the juice, but was soon greeted by even more juice, which I greedily licked. Ohhhh Jun, are you ok there? Nanga-ngawit ka na ba?

Di pa naman, Matagal pa ako. Enjoy ka lang dyan Tere, I told her as I began opening her Cunt with my two fingers and licking her pink insides. Oh, but she tasted great. If there is anything I love about a woman it is the taste of a fresh-smelling, sweet-tasting, cum gushing pussy. Tere’s was one of them, as was Helen’s and my other girlfriends’ pussies. Tere placed a bit of her perfume near her pussy, which made me crave her sopping wet pussy even more, and made me eat her with wild abandon. As I began to tease her clit she turned over to lie on her back and raised her legs on my shoulders. Eat me Jun, eat me hard, eat me till I come in your mouth, oh shit I miss this so much, I missed your tongue, I missed your dick, she said in gasps as she tried to catch her breath in between the waves of pleasure she was feeling all over her body. Tere grabbed the bedsheets, and closed her eyes as I vibrated my tongue faster and faster on her clit. All she could do was moan and cry out, Oh Jun, shit, ang sarap, fuck that’s so good, oh oh oh oh oh, I’m coming now, don’t stop. Keep eating mmmmmeeee. Oh there it is,, there, there there, Tere said as she pressed her pussy closer to my mouth, Oh my oh oh I’m coming Jun, I’m commmmming, ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhh, it won’t stop, shit, ahhhhh, Jun. Jun, ohhh. Tere collapsed, tired but very happy, and looked at me.

After some time, Tere faced me and said, You are one hell of a pussy eater, you know that? Where did you learn to do that? Who taught you? I said no one, that it was just a series of trial and error with my girlfriends. Putang Ina Jun, ganito ka ba sa mga girlfriends mo? Grabe kang kumain. Hindi ka talaga iiwanan kung ganyan ka. I smiled at her without saying a word, and Tere knew the answer to her question. We lay on the bed together, and Tere told me about her lovelife, that she had only two boyfriends but they were assholes who only cared for themselves. Alam mo Jun, when you first started to go down on me in the car I thought why was I doing this to you. I was afraid of the consequences, but deep inside I knew you would be able to pleasure me the way no man had ever done before. I guess horniness got in the way of better judgment. Tere, don’t worry I did what I did to you because I felt I genuinely liked you. Alam mo marami nang may gusto sa iyo kaso, takot sila dahil ang taray mo. So why didn’t you fear me Jun? Maybe because I wasn’t afraid to lose my job. She smiled at my last remark and placed her head on my chest. I looked up at the ceiling mirror to see me and Tere in a sweet pose. This was great, but I still had to get my rocks off.

On the ceiling mirror I watched Tere as she held my semi-flaccid dick in her right hand, rubbing it like a piece of modeling clay. She moved closer to kiss it. Half-pleadingly she said Jun I want you to fuck me now, please. I said ok, and she began to suck on my coke, slurping and moving her hand up and down it to make it hard. I closed my eyes as she worked on my coke, holding her by her hair as she moved up and down my rigid tool. Yes, Tere, that’s it, that’s it, turn your head around as you go down, ohh yeah Tere, that’s great. I could only moan as I watched Tere take my coke I her mouth, going down on it till she nearly reached the end of it, leaving just an inch. When she release my coke from the suction of her mouth it was wet with her saliva and my pre-cum. Now I want you to fuck me till I beg you to stop. I want your hard dick inside me. I want you to come inside me. Are you safe I asked? Yeah, don’t worry. I raised her right leg in my shoulder and entered her wet pussy. Oh! It feels nice inside, Tere exclaimed as the last inch of my coke disappeared into her wet hole. I pumped her gently, and watched my coke go in and out of her. My coke was so wet with her juice, some of it spilled on the bed, and made a tiny puddle below her ass. Tere was hot, and I intended to take advantage of this opportunity with her.

As my solid coke rammed into her soft Cunt, Tere watched me fucking her on the ceiling mirror. She was apparently so turned on she brought her finger to her clit to massage it. Her well-manicured nails provided a stark contrast to my stiff brown rod, as it pumped away, rapidly increasing the flow of her love juices. I turned her over on her back, and re-re-entered her pussy from behind. Her Cunt was already gushing out a lot of love juices, and my coke had no difficulty entering her from behind. For the next few minutes all you could hear was the sound of my balls slamming against the lips of her soaked Cunt, and Tere’s tiny whimpers as she savored each thrust, each pleasurable violation of her love hole. Oh yes, Jun, push it in more, more, harder, harder.Yes, I can feel the head of your coke inside, ooooohh that’s so good. Tere began to tease her clit again as I pumped away. She moved her two fingers almost in unison with my thrusts. As she approached another orgasm, her fingers dug deeper into her clit, rubbing it again and again, moaning to me not to stop fucking her. Ohhh Jun I’m coming na. Ayan na anyan na, Oh my, oh my shiiiit, I’m coming, I’m coming, there there there, oooooohhhh. She continued rubbing her clit, while I continued pumping away. I was close to coming too, after all that pumping, and I told her, where do you want my cum? I want to see you come. Come on my breasts, right here, she pointed to the space between her exquisite breasts.

Oh Tere, here it comes, I said as I pulled out my coke. It was so wet with Tere’s juices that I did not need any lotoion or lubricant, Dito ka, bilis Tere said as I placed my coke between her breasts. Oh shit, that’s it I’m almost there, I told Tere as she grabbed my coke and began to pump it faster and faster. Ohhhhh there it is, lalabasan na ako, Tere. Ahhhhh, ayan na, I said as my coke spewed out globs of cream colored cum on Tere’s breasts. Yeah, more, more, Tere said as she continued to jack me off again and again. My coke obliged, emitting a few more spurts. When I was done, Tere, squeezed the few remaining drops out of my coke. Marami palang lumalabas sa iyo Jun? Uh huh I said. Tere rubbed my cum all over her breasts. This feels sooo good, it’s so warm and it tightens my skin as it dries. Tere said. Do you eat cum? I asked her. Sometimes, if I’m in the mood, Tere answered as she brought one of her fingers to her chest to touch the cum on it. She then brought it to her mouth and tasted it. Hmmmm, not bad. Tastes a little nutty. Next time I want this in my mouth.

To be continued

Kwentong Utong: Tere, an Older Lady atbp (Part 2)

Chapter 2: Tere’s car

When I stopped kissing her to look at her, Tere still had her eyes closed. She managed an Mmmm, that feels good, Jun. I then took it up a notch. In the darkness, and due to the full tint of her car, you could not see what we were doing inside it. I reached over her side and reclined her seat and purposely rubbed my forearm against her left breast. It was soft, so very soft, and I wanted to grab it there and then. I hesitated and instead reclined my seat. Her eyes were now on the same level as mine, and I could see that Tere was still very tipsy. Tere, can you still drive? Oo kaya ko pa. Pahinga lang ako sandali, ok? She seemed to be so tired that her eyelids dropped and for the next few minutes I was gazing at her loveliness, illuminated by moon.

I was debating whether I should kiss her again and see how far we could go. After all we were parked in front of our house and someone might pass by or my father might suddenly come out; the fear of being caught suddenly made me even bolder. I was also thinking, this is an officer in the company, and I may get sacked for this. But I guess my horniness got the better of me and I touched her smooth face with my right hand and caressed it over and over and marveling at her smooth skin. As my fingers ran over her face Tere managed a faint smile, as if begging me to kiss her lips over and over.

Her blouse was opened a bit, stretched by the way she was positioned on the car seat. From the open part of her blouse I could see the white fabric of her bra, and the slow rise and fall of her breast as she lay in peaceful slumber. I undid the first button of her blouse and waited for a reaction. She continued sleeping, so I began to kiss her again, and allowed my right hand to drop to her breast. Caressing that full mound of Tere seemed to take the drunkenness out of me. I massaged her breast through her bra, kissing her continuously. She let out an mmmmmm again but did not open her eyes and instead moved closer to me. The smell of tequila was still on her breath as I savored her lips, nibbling on them as a child nibbles on a pacifier. My hands opened the last two buttons of her blouse and I moved the blouse aside, revealing Tere’s bra on her smooth white skin. My drunkenness was fast disappearing as my heart raced because of the nervousness and tension I was beginning to feel. Her breasts, confined only by her sheer bra, beckoned to me and I had to give in. I pushed my hand under her bra and fondled Tere’s soft bra. I let my hand linger there, and savored that moment when my hand finally touched her entire breast. Her nipple seemed very smooth, I thought. Better get a good look at it.

In the semi-darkness I fumbled to reach her back to unhook her bra. No success as I was in a wrong angle to begin with. After a few mintues Tere, moved her hand to unhook the bra herself, all the while keeping her eyes closed but her mouth open. Seeing the bra loosen, I immediately raised it to reveal two beautiful breasts. I sat there, gazing at these two indescribable beauties. Her nipples pointed slightly upward, making her breasts look very pert and very inviting. I could not keep myself still and immediately caressed those wonderful boobs. Mmmmmm Yes, Jun. Tere suddenly said to me as I started massaging them. They were really nice. Nice enough to eat, I thought. Without any further prodding I started to lick one of them, and I was amazed at how my tongue slid off the flesh of her aureole and nipple. Tere moaned again, this time more loudly as she held my head up to her face. Alam mo, Jun masama itong ginagawa natin. We work in the same office. Baka ma-chismis tayo. I looked at her and said, If both of us don’t talk, who’s to know? I then began eating her breast in earnest. She stopped me and again raised my head and told me, “Jun you promise that whatever happens between us is pure sex. No love. No emotions, ok?.” Yes, I said. I promise. I was only too happy at the turn of events. Not only was I now free to touch, fondle, and eventually fuck Tere without any limitations, I felt I now controlled her. Our mutual secret would protect both our reputations.

I now pursued her breasts more aggressively, licking, sucking and biting her nipple constantly. I opened he car’s interior light a bit to see her nipples. Ano ba Jun, baka makita tayo. Switch off the light. I said, Wait, I just want to see your sexy body and beautiful breasts for a second. She could do little to stop me as I opened the light. Yes, her body was great for a 35 year old woman. Slim and still tight, her body seemed that of a 20 year old. Her nearly pink nipples stood out at points above her full breasts. She had two small moles under one breast, but other than that she had no discoloration or skin blemishes. She was beautiful. This is one side of Tere none of us had ever seen. I was not afraid of the consequences, I was happy with what I saw.

I switched off the light, and immediately took off her blouse. Tere helped me remove her bra and we started to kiss passionately, our hands moving in unison, caressing each other’s bodies. I continud to lick her enlarged nipples with my tongue, sucking and releasing, squeezing, sucking and releasing each nipple against Tere’s gentle entreaties for me not to stop. She grabbed my hair roughly as I buried my head deeper into her two mounds. Yesss Jun, that feels soooo good. Go on, don’t stop, mmmmmm feel my boobs, play with them…. Yesss, ohhhh. Lick me there, oh that’s nice, nice, nice.

I continued to lick and fondle her already aroused nipples. I then moved up to her ears, licking upward, making small circles as I lovingly blew into her ears. She nudged my head closer to face and planted a searing kiss on my lips, darting her tongue in and out and playing with my tongue. Not content with that she began to bite my tongue playfully. My hands were quite busy with her breasts After teasing her boobs, my hands dropped to her skirt. I touched her pantyhose covered legs, creeping up little by little, and squeezing her soft inner thighs. I desperately wanted to eat her there and then. Thoughts of her delicious Cunt played in my head, and all my senses were already in overdrive as my fingers, hands, coke and body waited in anticipation for our bodies to mingle. My hand moved closer to her pussy. There, it’s real close. Ohhhh Jun, go on, that feels so good, so warm. You want to touch my pussy Jun? Yes Tere I do, I meekly said. Rub me now inside. I gamely followed her order, rubbing her pussy through the pantyhose and panty she wore. Mmmm I can feel your warm hand. I’m getting wet now. Please don’t stop. Wait. Hold on. Tere pushed me aside, kicked off her shoes and raised her skirt, trying to find the elastic of her pantyhose. When she did, she rolled down her pantyhose first, and then pulled down her panties. She gave me the ball of pantyhose and panties. I kissed her panties in front of her before I placed them in the glove compartment.

With no other barrier to my hands, I let them run freely across the expanse of Tere’s pubic hair and pussy. By half-massaging and half-teasing her muff lips, I felt how wet she was. Tere seemed to be a very juicy woman, in spite of her small size. I still could not believe myself as I stroked her swollen pussy with my hand. This was an officer of the company – but a very lonely one I guess. She was pretty and smart, but probably undersexed, so I decided that I would fill up that whenever I could. I knew she liked what I did to her, and as my hands continued to service her Cunt and breast, I knew she wanted me to fuck her. I unzipped my pants, releasing my erect dick. She saw this, and without any further coaxing, grabbed my coke. It looks good Jun, so smooth and so hard. Uhuh I said. You want it in your pussy now Tere, I asked. No, non, Jun, it’s too crapmped here in the car. Sa bahay mo pwede? No Tere, di pwede. Andun lahat ng tao. Magigising. Oh, paano na ako, she said, while rubbing my coke and moving her hand up and down it.

Ok, I said to her. I promise di ka mabibitin. Paano? Basta, ako bahala sa iyo. I knew I could bring her to pleasure. I always loved that role, pleasing women; making them beg me to stop. What could I do, I loved to eat pussy, and here was a most delectable treat I did not want to pass up. Although it was difficult, I moved my body to the side get a better angle at her throbbing cut. Once I planted my lips on Tere’s labia and clit, I knew she would never ever forget this night.

With slow, determined flicks of my tongue I began to wet the outside of her Cunt, licking and slurping, as her pussy began to produce more juice. I gamely sucked at the liquid as it came out, making sure that Tere heard every slurping and sucking sound. Ohhh yes, Jun, that’s what I need, ohhh basa na ako, ang sarap mo naman. Go on please. Go lower. I thrust my rigid tongue like a coke, pushing inside her wet and waiting love hole, pausing first at the entrance but entering it with as much of my tongue as possible. Tere was becoming delirious with pleasure as she bucked up and down the seat, trying to move and squirm to get a deeper angle, and trying to catch my rhythm. Yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes, she moaned in unison as my tongue went in and out of her. I moved higher, and focused my tongue on her clit. With my right hand I fondled her pussy lips, and began to insert my index finger inside her juicy insides. I pushed my fingers in and out while my tongue was busy lapping up her clit. I flattened my tongue to get as much of her clit as possible. As I did she started to move her hips faster and faster. Ohhhh Yes yes Jun, andyan na. Malapit na, go on keep licking me, there that’s right, keep on licking me. Yes yes yes yes…ahhhhhhh yes, there it is. She grabbed ny head as she exploded into a giant orgasm . She swayed my head from side to side as her body rode wave upon wave of her orgasm. Ohhhh that’s goooooood, soooo goood, as she settled into a relaxed mode. My index finger however had a mind of its own as it moved up toward her G-spot. Once there I rubbed it, Jun tama na, tapos na ako, tama na tammmm mmmmmmmmm. Andayn na naman, she said as I rubbed and rubbed her g spot. Jun, naiihi ako. E di umihi ka. I said. Ohhhh ano ito, ang sarap, Tere said, as she release a clear liquid from her Cunt. It wasn’t piss, I told her, but her pussy juice, as I licked down the last drops. Tere shuddered and her head dropped down on my shoulder. Thanks Jun, Thank you. It’s been so long. I was beginning to forget what it was like.

I kissed her on the forehead as I told her, Anytime you want to, I’ll make time for you. We talked for a few more minutes after which I got out of her car and waved goodbye. She gave me a flying kiss as she left. This was just the beginning, I said. I wondered what lay in store for us.

To be continued

Kwentong Utong: Tere, an Older Lady atbp (Part 1)

by: Muff Lover
Chapter 1: Tere

When I was a teenager simply full of raging hormones, I would always look at more mature women (i.e. 30 and above), with respect rather than lust. When I began working, most, if not all, of the thirty plus year old women I knew were either married or career oriented. But that all changed with Tere.

Here's an experience of mine that I will always treasure. I originally wrote this last year, but there were many details I left out. Here’s the story in all its uncensored and unabridged glory.

Some years ago, I was an assistant manager at one of Makati's financial institutions. I was, what you would call, a horny guy coz I had, aside from my girlfriend, other women in my life, plus the occasional massage parlor trysts. Anyway, one of the VPs in the office was a lady CPA/Lawyer called Miss Tere (short for Teresita). She was intelligent, unmarried and didn't look that bad (about a "7"), with a still tight ass and about a 33C bra size (I asked her eventually). She was in her early thirties, ten years older than I was, single, and very much driven. A certified workaholic, most of us saw her as one-sided, with as much personality as a dead clam. She was quite strict and professional, and rarely joked. Because most of the people feared her, we would continually talk about her only in hushed tones. Some girls speculated that she was still unmarried because she was too headstrong, obnoxious and too much of a disciplinarian – total turn-off attitudes for most guys. That was too bad because she wasn’t that bad looking, especially when she removed her glasses.

She was not my immediate superior, but I would meet with her occasionally because of some new product or problem. But it was always professional relationship between us. I must admit though that whenever she wore a short skirt, the men in the office would crane their necks to look at her legs, which were really quite nice. It was too bad her disposition wasn’t that nice. Of course I always thought about what was between those legs, and not what was between her ears.

After about eight months of working in that office, my officemates and I were invited to the birthday bash of one of our female officers. When I arrived there, I was surprised to find that only two males were present at the party. The messenger and me.

My male officemates decided at the last minute to go to a disco. So there we were two males and seven women. The seven women were Tere, our sales manager Grace, Jenny the secretary, Colleen the celebrant, Joanne the HR manager, another VP Josie, and our controller Malou.

We were all having a great time laughing and mostly drinking tequila. All the women were a bit buzzed due to the tequila they had been imbibing for the past hour or so, and Cindy pulled out a joint of marijuana. Although I smoked marijuana occasionally, I did not find it too pleasant, especially if I was already drunk. As the joint was passed on from person to person, I found that Tere seemed to have loosened up. She was seated next to me, and her black stockings covered her long legs. I rubbed my legs against hers once or twice but she either did not notice this or did not care. She spoke to me in between sips of tequila but never made any improper moves. Just as well, I said because she seemed to be the frigid corporate type who was boring in bed. Tere held the lighted joint and asked me if I wanted some, and I said “never mind”, but Tere, in her inebriated state told me, Sige na, i-shotgun kita. I said Ok, and Tere blew the smoke into my cupped hands. Immediately I felt lighter and seemed to lose all inhibitions. I closed my eyes, and after a while opened them to the loud laughter of the women.

The women were very animated and were totally uninhibited in their discussion. Cindy was talking about her husband’s lovemaking and how bad he was at it, another was talking about men’s cocks, big, small, medium whatever. It was getting hotter by the minute and I was loving every minute of it. After another hour, our messenger left, Colleen and Josie left, leaving me in the company of the remaining four women.

As the conversation turned more raunchy I noticed Tere was simply laughing and not contributing anything. Grace suddenly stood up and told the group, Isa lang ang lalaki dito. Hubaran natin si Jun! I suddenly felt ashamed, but a bit horny at what she said. Thoughts of stripping in front of women and letting them touch you seemed like a good idea to me. But I remembered all the women were not as wild as Grace, and I would be the laughing stock of the office if I let Grace have her way. Also, what if I was the only naked person in that room. I would have really wanted to see all of them naked, especially Colleen, a 35 year old mother of two, and the most beautiful of them all. I wouldn’t mind screwing Colleen, even if it was in front of these women.

Grace then began to pester me more and more and asked the other women if they too wanted to see me naked, and the other women, including Tere also joined in the chorus to strip me. As if on cue, Grace and two other women held me while another started to undo my belt. Since I put up a bit of a struggle, my belt buckle was destroyed in the process. I protested to them simply because I probably wouldn't be able to screw anyone there at the moment, being drunk and all. So in between struggling to keep my pants on I dared the sales manager to get naked and we would put on a show for the other girls. She took no heed of this and started to work on my zipper. After she had succeeded in unzipping my pants, I felt a slight quiver as her hands grazed my coke through the fabric of my briefs. It felt good, and it also felt very risky. Grace knew she had touched my coke because she kept quiet for a few seconds – probably realizing what she had just touched. She then let out a laugh and tried to undo my pants. Since the waist area of my pants was a little tight, she had a hard time trying to undo it. I told her, Ipasok mo na lang kamay mo kaya, and in a flash of an eye, she announced to the group that she wanted to feel my coke. The other women egged her on telling her however to be careful. Although I felt both sexually charged and annoyed at the same time, I allowed Grace to cop a feel. Her hand disappeared into my pants, and I could feel my balls tightening up - my sweat and nervousness building up as I felt Grace’s hand on my soft coke. My coke started to rise slowly, but not noticeably, as Grace probed deeper. She let out a tiny shriek of surprise as her hand hit pay dirt. Ay ano ito, hihihi. Tere, gusto mong hawakan? Ang lambot. Then Colleen asked, Dako ba yan, hahahaha. Grace then groped further, saying medyo mas malaki kaysa kay Brian (her boyfriend). Grace then withdrew her hand. She asked the others if they would like a feel too, but no one obliged. They were already in the deepest stage of drunkenness and I doubt if they would remember this incident.

In my drunkenness, I leaned over and whispered to Miss Tere, “Alam mo Miss Tere, sa lahat ng babae dito, I would love to make love to you the most.” Tere smiled a bit, and then I then blew heavily into her ear, and licked her lobe. That was something I never thought I would do to an officer of the company. I realized what I did was being far too forward and sat down. Uh oh, I may lose my job over this, I said to myself. Tere smiled at me but nothing came of that. We all continued drinking and having a grand time up until 1:30. Tere said she had to go home. The others said they would soon follow. M'am Tere, pwede hong sumabay sa inyo, I asked her. Tere also lived in Quezon City. O sige. Alis na tayo.

Inside Tere’s car I was particularly quiet, as I did not want to disturb Tere’s driving for fear we might meet an accident. In my drunken stupor I looked her intently. Her hair, which was normally tied in a bun was now free flowing and it contrasted nicely with her pink skin. Her small eyes were accentuated by very cute cheeks. Tere looked quite attractive without glasses, but she might be just a bit too old for me, I said to myself.

Tere then started to talk and we had some small chat about some clients, but later the talk shifted to what had happened at the party. “Ang gulo nila Colleen at Grace, ‘no?” Tere asked me. Oo nga e, muntik na akong mahubaran. Buti nga at di ko nakita yung sa iyo, pero di naman akon ganoong kagarapal. Jun, ah, eh, yung ginawa mo sa akin kanina, dahil ba laseng kaya ginawa mo yun? A eh, Ma’m di ko naman sinasadya. Laseng lang talaga ako noon. Sori ho. Tere kept quiet, but after a few minutes told me, Ok lang yun. Naiintindihan ko na nadala ka lang nila. Pero…. Tere did not finish her sentence. I was half-expecting her to get mad but she did not. Instead she ever so lightly tapped my knee and said. Pero, huwag ganoon ha, Jun. Huwag sa gaanong lugar ka mag-wala. Opo Mam, I told her as I placed my hand on top of hers. Huwag mo na akong i-Ma’m –ma’m pa. Matagal na rin tayong magkakilala. Just call me Tere, ok? Ok.

I felt a slight charge of electricity run through my hands and hers, and I decided to go for broke. Ahhh, Tere, what I said to you a while back, you know, I meant some of it. What do you mean? I mean that you were the most beautiful in that group. Maybe it was because you were the most conservative and most demure. Hay naku Jun, di naman ako ganoon ka-demure. Nagka-boyfriend naman ako nung college at sa law firm. I squeezed her hand a bit, and she squeezed mine back. Alam mo ba ang ginagawa mo sa akin, she asked. Oo, I just want to know you better because I like you Tere. I saw her turn more red at what I said. Huwag mo nang isipin pa iyan Jun. Di tayo bagay, you’re just too young for me.

We finally arrived at my house. Before getting down I said, thanks Tere, and moved my lips to kiss her cheeks, but I decided otherwise and moved instead towards her pouting lips. I grazed them, and waited for Tere to react violently. She did not, and instead closed her eyes. That made me bolder and I held her face and planted a soft, longing kiss on her lips. She let go of the steering wheel and held my face, pushing her lips against mine and rubbing them left and right.

To be continued

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kwentong Utong: Bawal na Relasyon (Part 4)

Masayang nairaos ng mag-anak ang kanilang bakasyon. Tuwing weekends ay nag-a out of town ang mag-anak. Hanggang sa makalipas ang isang buwan ay muli na namang sumakay ng barko si rusty. Napaaga ang sakay nya ng barko dahil tinawagan sya ng kanyang kapitan. Tulad ng dati ay balik na naman sa dating routine ang mag-anak. Buwan ng abril kaya nakabakasyon ang mag-inang anna at ryan. Si cindy naman ay tuloy pa rin ang pasok sa pinagtatrabahuhang 5 star hotel.

Isang umaga, medyo tanghali ng nagising si ryan. Pagbaba nya sa sala ay nakita nya ang kanyang ina na nanunuod ng tv. Agad din naman siyang napansin nito kaya sinabihan siyang kumain na. Kaya naman humalik lang siya dito at saka dumiretso na sa kusina para kumain, ng matapos ay tumabi sya sa kanyang mama. Masayang nanonood ang mag-ina ng magring ang kanilang telepono. Nasa tabi lang ito ni anna kaya siya na ang sumagot nito. Ng matapos ang pag-uusap sa telepono ay nalaman ni ryan na ang tita marie pala niya ang tumawag. Iniimbitahan sila nito na magbakasyon sa kanilang probinsya dahil malapit na ang fiesta ng kanilang bayan at para na rin magkita-kita sila dahil ilang taon na rin ang nagdaan mula ng huli silang nagkita. Missed na rin daw ng lolo at lola nya si ryan.
Si marie ay ang nakababatang kapatid ni rusty nasa edad 33 na at nakatira sa bahay ng kanyang lolo at lola. May asawa na rin ito subalit kamamatay lang nung isang taon dahil sa car accident. May naiwan itong dalawang anak kay marie, si katrina at mat. Mga bata pa ang mga ito, 13 si mat at 6 lang si katrina. Malaki ang bahay ng lolo nya kaya pati ang pamilya ni rusty ay inanyayahan na doon na lang din tumira subalit si rusty na rin mismo ang umayaw dahil mas gusto nito ang nakabukod sa mga magulang at kapatid.

Nagpasyang magbakasyon duon ng isang buwan ang mag-iina subalit may maiiwang trabaho si cindy kaya hindi ito makakasama. Mahigit tatlong oras ang naging byahe ni ryan at anna bago sila dumating sa bahay ng kanyang lolo at lola. Binagtas nila ang mahabang bukirin, malawak na manggahan at ilang mga burol na may mga baka, kambing at tupa, ang mga ito ay alaga ng kanyang lolo. Sa bandang dulo ay makikita mo ang isang malaking bahay na tila ba isang mansyon.

Pagpasok ng kanilang sasakyan sa bakuran ng mansyon ay agad na sumalubong sa kanila ang kanyang mga pinsan na sila matt at katrina, kasunod naman nito ang isang babae na tila anghel sa kagandahan ang kanyang tita marie na kahawig ni dawn zulueta. Hindi pa rin nagbabago ang kagandahan nito sabi ni ryan sa isip nya. Agad na bumati at humalik ang dalawang bata sa kanilang tita anna. Si ryan naman ay binati din ang mga pinsan at ang kanyang tita marie, humalik din ito sa kanya at saka dumiretso kay anna. Agad na nagbatian ang dalawa at saka tumuloy sa loob ng malaking bahay.

Pagkatapos bumati sa kanyang lola na nagluluto sa kusina ay agad na dumiretso si ryan sa itinurong kwarto ng kanyang tita marie. Dahil napagod ay agad siyang nakatulog. Mag-aalas singko na ng siya ay gisingin ng kanyang mama. Pagbaba nila sa kusina ay nanduon na ang lahat, pati na rin ang lolo nya na ngayon lang nya ulit nakita. Masayang nagkainan at nagkwentuhan ang pamilya. Pagkatapos magkainan ay konting kwentuhan pa sa sala at saka natulog para makapagpahinga dahil bukas na ang fiesta. Dahil matagal nakatulog nung hapon ay hindi kaagad dinalaw ng antok si ryan. Kaya napagpasyahan nyang manuod muna ng tv sa sala. Mga isang oras pa lang ang nakakalipas ng makita ni ryan ang kanyang tita marie na pababa ng hagdanan. Napakanipis ng suot nitong nighties, halos kita mo na ang panty nitong suot at ang medyo malaking dibdib na nakabakat ang utang.
Ng makita ni marie na may nanunuod ng tv sa sala ay nagulat pa siya, parang nagdalawang isip kung bababa ba o babalik ng kwarto para magsuot ng robe. Alam nyang manipis lang ang suot nya at kung sino man yung nanunuod na iyon sa sala ay siguradong makikita ang kabuuan ng katawan nya. Pero ng makita nyang ang pamangkin lang na si ryan ay napagpasyahan nyang tumuloy na sa kusina upang kumuha ng inumin.

Napanaginipan nya kasi ang asawa nyang si Caloy, nasa mainit silang pagtatalik nun ng biglang may humatak dito at unti-unting lumalayo sa kanya habang siya ay humahabol dito at umiiyak. Mabuti na lamang at nagising siya. Napabuntong hininga pa siya at napasalat sa kanyang kaselanan dahil talagang namimis na nya ang asawa pati na rin ang malaki nitong ut*n. Ng mahimasmasan ay nagpasya nga siyang bumaba para makainom ng tubig.

Kumuha siya ng pitsel at nagsalin tubig sa isang malaking baso. Tumuloy siya sa sala para makinuod sa pamangkin at makipagkwentuhan.
Tita marie: o ryan, bakit hindi ka pa natutulog? (umupo ito sa tabi ni ryan na nakaupo naman sa mahabang sopa.)
Ryan: matagal po akong nakatulog kanina eh, di pa ko inaantok. (bumilis naman ang tibok ng dibdib ni ryan dahil katabi nya ang kinalilibugan nyang tita na nakasuot ng napakanipis na nighties. Ng makita nya itong pababa ng hagdan kanina ay agad na nag-alburuto ang kanyang ut*n.)
Tita marie: oo nga pala, napagod ka nga daw sa byahe sabi ni ate.
Ryan: kayo po, kala ko tulog na kayo?
Tita marie: nagising kasi ko dahil napanaginipan ko na naman yung tito caloy mo. (humihikbi na ito habang nagkukwento kay ryan.)
Dahil naaawa sa kanyang tita marie ay hinimas-himas nya ito sa likod para mapakalma. Yumakap naman ito sa kanya at dumukdok ang ulo sa dibdib ni ryan. Unti-unti ng kumakalma ang kanyang tita subalit ang kanyang ut*n ay lalong nag-alburuto. Ang lambot kasi ng katawan ng kanyang tita at ng makapa nya ang likod nito na walang suot na bra ay lalo syang nanginig sa galit. Amoy na amoy nya ang mabango nitong buhok kaya dinampian nya ng halik sa buhok at noo ang tita marie nya.
Ng kumalma si marie ay pinasalamatan nya ang pamangkin at ng akmang tatayo na ay nawala sa isip nya ang hawak nyang baso na may laman pa palang tubig. Napasigaw si marie dahil natapunan sila ni ryan ng tubig. Natapunan ang ibabang bahagi ni ryan, ganun din si marie ngunit nabuhusan din ng bahagya ang kanyang dibdib. Nakita ni ryan na humapit ang nightie ni tita marie nya dahil nabasa ng tubig at hindi rin nakaligtas sa kanya ang isang s*s* ni marie na halos kita mu na dahil parang naging transparent ito. Kitang kita nya ang utang nito. Nakabakat na din ang suot nyang panty na kulay itim. Lalo namang tumindi ang libog na nararamdaman ni ryan. Dahil sa taranta, ay yumuko si marie at biglang pinagpag ang sarili pati na rin ang ibabang bahagi ni ryan na akala mo bang matatanggal ang pagkabasa kapag pinagpag nya ito.

Nagulat si marie dahil huli na ng makita nyang yung tapat na pala ng ut*n ni ryan ang pinapagpag nya. Napapitlag pa siya dahil dama nya ang matigas na bagay na nasa likod ng short nito. Napatingin pa siya sa mukha ni ryan at ganun din naman ang pamangkin nya. Biglang namula ang mukha ni marie dahil sa pagkapahiya. Nakita nyang nakatingin din ito sa kanya at ng sundan nya ang tingin nito ay nalaman nyang nakatingin ito sa mga s*s* nya na kumalat na ang basa kaya pareho na itong nakabilad sa harap ng batang pamangkin, isama pa ang panty nyang bakat. Agad siyang napaunat sabay takip ng isang kamay sa tapat ng panty at ang isang braso naman ay isinalo sa dalawang s*s* para matakpan ito. Tumalikod sya sa pamangkin at saka nagsorry. Sinabihan nya ding umakyat na ito sa kwarto para makapagpalit na din ng damit.